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Click the link below to get a taste of Eduten and see how it works through the eyes of a student. We’ve uploaded a few exercises to play with and see for yourself how enjoyable it is.

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Please note: Accessing the demo is not a reflection of the entire Eduten platform. During this small taste, you don’t see or access Eduten’s award-winning learning analytics nor the full suite of over 200,000 exercises.

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Help your students positively reach their academic potential. Developed by one of Finland’s top universities, Eduten is an easy-to-use digital math learning tool. Sign up and see why it’s used by over a million students worldwide!

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Using Eduten Will

Using Eduten will improve learning results

Proven by dozens of peer-reviewed and published studies conducted around the world, Eduten increases learning results compared to traditional methods.

Using Eduten Will

Motivate weaker students

Eduten uses exciting gamified learning to keep students engaged.

Using Eduten Will

Keep your school at the cutting edge of digitalization

With our easy-to-use platform, all you need is a device and internet connection.

Using Eduten Will

Save teachers' time

Eduten’s AI automates assessments and marking in real time.

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